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welcome to This site is managed by Matheny Enterprises. Our continued development of utilities and applications to support eSignal's applications provide our users with the necessary tools to expand their trading environment. Currently, many pojects are in development and will be released soon. Visit our What's New section to see our newest products/services. Utilities
EFS Trading Solutions
Custom EFS Development & Support is dedicated to furthering the development and use of eSignal's EFS programming language by providing necessary utilities and add-on packages.

Currently offers the following tools and utilities...

MENT Enablement
- FREE Account
Protect & Enable Your EFS Scripts Easily

MENT Multi-Data View - FREE 30 Day Trial
EFS Reporting/Debugging Tool

MENT Trader Services
Automated Trading System Trade Router

JS Remote Charting Tool
Distribute Trading Signals Effectively To Subscribers

If you want to turn your eSignal product into a SUPER-CHARGED trading system, then you need to see our solutions and trading systems. We've developed hundreds of trading systems for different clients over the past 10 years in esignal.

TT Charger will dramatically change the way you trade.

Ava will provide clear and profitable trading signals

AppPack1 will provide simple and easy to use market price analysis

OnePunch System provides a simple, easy to use trading solution targeting $200~500 a day in the E-Minis

Additionally, our solutions are inexpensive and accurate. We invite you to learn more. See how we can improve your trading today with eSignal

Need help developing an EFS script? Don't know how to get started? Want to build an automated trading system in eSignal?

We can help. I've developed some of the most complex and detailed trading systems in esignal. In most cases, I can proto-type your trading system in only a few hours. From there, I can make it do almost anything you like including AUTO-TRADING.

Additionally, I've setup to assist my clients and to learn how to use my advanced trading systems. If you need my help, simply contact me when you are ready.

Please use the resources provided by eSignal for assistance if needed..