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Support File Library Store Products Home - About. is managed by Matheny Enterprises. Our focus is the continued development of utilities and applications to support eSignal's applications. Our goal is to provide our users with the necessary tools to expand their trading environment. Currently, many pojects are in development and will be released soon.

Currently, we have three products available to our users. These products are varied as they originated out of specific needs. In the future, we will be releasing more specific products to accomplish more commonly requested functions. As you probably know, development takes time, energy and money. So goes the process of building utilities and applications.

Matheny Enterprises has been in business since 1997. Prior to that time, Brad Matheny was a partner in International Pacific Trading Company (founded in 1989) and developed "The Candlestick Forecaster" (CSF) software series - which won a number of awards. Matheny Enterprises continues to develop and promote "The Pattern Forecaster Plus", revised versions of the CSF software series, as well as eSignal and TradeStation Plug-in Modules.

Matheny Enterprises launched in August 2004 as a location to deploy the MENT EFS Enablement Utility and other products specifically designed for eSignal - as well as utility applications that are cross-platform. The launching of is part of an expanded growth plan being executed by Matheny Enterprises.

In addition to the new site, Matheny Enterprises still continues to develop custom trading systems for its clients. Currently, Matheny Enterprises develops code/applications for hedge funds, professional brokers/traders, and other eSignal partners. If you would like to inquire about having something developed specifically for your needs, please see our Development Section.

The Store is where everyone can participate in promoting their products and tools. This is where we would like to "open the doors" for all esignal developers and application developers. We would like to provide a central source for all people to promote their products - so please become a Store Partner to participate.

The Library is where everyone can post FREE files, charts and anything else for our members to view/use. Of course, there are limits and we would like everyone to please keep their posts related to eSignal's products or trading in general. Also, please report any inappropriate posts to

Visit our What's New section to see our newest products/services.

Welcome and have fun.

-- Staff