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MENT Trader Services (MENTTS) is the "Universal Plug-in for Order Routing/Execution" - see the MENTTS Brochure. It was developed for the specific needs of professional system traders, developers, hedge funds and managed accounts. It allows anyone to quickly and easily build an automated trading system or "black-box".

MENT TS currently supports...

The "Rapid Application Development" (RAD) benefits MENTTS provides are fantastic. Imagine that you have already designed a trading system and want to automate it with one of our Broker Partners. You would simply install MENTTS and add a few lines of code to your system and it would become an "Automated Trading System" (in a simple form). Now, you could take it even further have use MENTTS's "Order Tracking" abilities to build a more robust trading system. To learn more, view our Code Examples.

MENTTS was designed to work with nearly any application or development language. So, it doesn't matter if you are developing in eSignal's EFS language or in Visual Basic. As long as the language supports external DLL function calls, MENTTS is the solution.

Another strength of MENTTS is the fact that is supports Broker Partners that are specific to hedge funds, managed accounts and professional traders/brokers.

MENTTS is really a utility application that facilitates Order Placement, Processing and Tracking. It provides everything needed to build a "black-box" or automated trading system - except your system. Please use the reference links above for more information or to order the application.

MENT TS Subscription Rates
MENT TS (ForexLiquidity) ** FREE ** (coming soon)
MENT TS (GAIN Capital DEMO) ** FREE **
MENT TS (GAIN Capital LIVE) $99.00 Monthly