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MENT Multi-Data View Window (MDVW) is a unique and inexpensive solution for eSignal users/EFS developers needing a little extra. MDVW is an "add-on" eSignal product designed to emulate the eSignal's "Quote Window", yet provide dynamic environment to track,report,display,sort a variety of data..

This unique application allows eSignal users the ability to have custom EFS scripts report data/text back to a single window. It was designed to be similar to the “quote window” within eSignal’s applications, although the MDVW application provides reporting of any data, text or other variables that are available within your custom EFS scripts.

The MDVW application is designed to be...
  - A single source window to watch multiple symbols and multiple EFS results
  - An organized solution to track varied amounts of returned data/strings
  - A means to track/monitor trading systems across multiple symbols
  - A solution for EFS developers to integrate their custom solutions

The possible uses of the MDVW application are endless...
– A user defined reporting window.
  - Programmers can use this tool for debugging and reporting of critical variables.
  - Developers can use this tool to develop their custom trading systems and EFS Scripts for their clients.
  - Esignal users can use this tool to track technical indicators/conditions for multiple symbols.

The MDVW application come complete with a set of sample EFS scripts including...
  - All of the BUILTIN indicators
  - A few sample Trading System solutions

So you can start using the MDVW application immediately after installing it.

EFS Language Support…

The MDVW application includes support for EFS file developers using a set of functions (efsLib) provided by Matheny Enterprises. These functions include…

    addRow() - adds a new row to MDVW and returns a unique rowID
  removeRow() - removes an existing MDVW row
  addColumn() - adds/defines a new column for an existing MDVW row
  changeColumnTitle() - modifies/changes the existing column title/header
  updateCellString() - passes a STRING to a defined MDVW column
  updateCellInt() - passes an INTEGER to a defined MDVW column
  updateCellDouble() - passes a DOUBLE to a defined MDVW column
  rowToTop() - moves an existing MDVW row to the top of the MDVW window.
  changeRowBackgroundColor() - changes the background color of an existing MDVW row.

All of these functions can be called at any time within your EFS scripts. Advanced deployment of these functions will allow developers to build complex and adaptive solutions for their clients.

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