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MENT Enablement Service (MENTEN) is a "Universal Web-Based Security/Enablement Solution for eSignal's EFS scripts and other applications". MENTEN was developed to allow professional software developers an easy way to protect/enable their products for their clients/subscribers - without the need for expensive copy protection software. it is completely web-based and provides the following benefits/features.

  • Simple Setup & Deployment - In most cases less than 5 minutes to protect your initial EFS.
  • Unlimited Number Of APPIDs (Application IDs)
  • Unlimited Number Of Subscribers (with the proper account type)
  • Allows For "Date Restricted Access" for Individual APPIDs (which allows you to offer "trials" or "Subscriptions")
  • Allows For "Unlimited Access" for Individual APPIDs (which allows Unlimited Use)
  • Sorting of Subscribers
  • Visual Marking of "Expired" Clients and APPIDs.
  • User-defined Expiration Messages and Referral URLs for each APPID.

Another benefit of MENTEN is that you can try it for FREE - just register for a MENT Enablement account and follow the instructions.

The MENT Enablement Service is offered at the following subscription rates.

  • 1~25 Subscribers - FREE    (Login | Register)
  • 26~50 Subscribers - $50.00 Per Year ($0.083 per month per user)
  • 51~100 Subscribers - $100.00 Per Year ($0.083 per month per user)
  • 101~250 Subscribers - $200.00 Per Year ($0.066 per month per user)
  • 251~500 Subscribers - $400.00 Per Year ($0.066 per month per user)
  • 501~1000 Subscribers - $600.00 Per Year ($0.05 per month per user)
  • 1001+ Subscribers - $800.00 per year (Less than $0.05 per month per user)
  • Purchase - for installation on your own web site - Contact Us For Details. Often this requires special adaptations for your specific needs and certain web server requirements.

When you are ready to get started with MENTEN, simply Register for an account and select the type of account you wish to start with (you can change the subscriber limit at any time - by request). Once your account is enabled (automatic for free accounts), then you will be ready to go. All of the instructions for deploying MENTEN into your EFS scripts are provided for you.

Subscription Rates
Enablement 50 User Subscription $50.00 Annually
Enablement 100 User Subscription $100.00 Annually
Enablement 250 User Subscription $200.00 Annually
Enablement 500 User Subscription $400.00 Annually
Enablement 1000 User Subscription $600.00 Annually
Enablement 1000+ User Subscription $800.00 Annually


Notice : Matheny Enterprises makes no guarantees this service will continue without interruptions. This service is running on our ISP's web servers, thus is subject to interruptions that are beyond our control. All registered clients and their subscribers hereby agree to hold Matheny Enterprises forever harmless from any and all losses, damages or other claims of liability arising from an interruption of the MENTEN service.