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About JS Remote Charting

JS Remote Charting is a great solution for "gurus" or people who run web-based advisory services to broadcast trading system signals to their subscriber base. It allows you to develop and deploy a "Customized Interactive Chart & Chat Room" to all of your subscribers. So, instead of simply using text to deliver your messages, you are able to deliver them in both a text (chat) format as well as an interactive chart. Imagine being able to instantly show your subscribers "exactly" what you see on a chart (visually) and distribute that to hundreds or thousands of your clients.

JS Remote Charting provides many additional benefits over traditional chat rooms and email solutions - here are just a few...

JS Remote Charting General Application Details
  • Java or Flash based soltuions for cross-platform deployment
  • Supports real-time data sources from RealTick and eSignal (subscriptions required)
  • Maintain unique "enabled" userlists to prevent unauthorized logins
  • Allow "Free Trial" subscriptions to your service easily (requires customization)
  • Restrict users to specific symbols or groups of symbols (requires customization)
JS Remote Charting Features
  • Customize chart appearance, logos, buttons and chat environment
  • Display any time-frame (1 Minute ~ Yearly data)
  • Draw chart as a Bar Chart or Candlestick Chart
  • Control Bar Colors and Background Colors
  • Show Price Action in Realtime
JS Remote Charting Chat Features
  • Customize chat appearance, logos and chat environment
  • Control Font color, type and size
  • Minimize/Maximize Chat Window
JS Remote Charting Customization (all require customization)
  • Customize chart appearance, logos, buttons and chat environment
  • Include custom indicators into/onto the charts
  • Draw "Shape" markers and "Lines" on the chart
  • Drop "Text" labels on the chart
  • Allow subscribers to select only specific symbols to view in the chat window
  • Allow audible tones when new "action" triggers are generated
  • Completely automated your trading system into JS Remote Charting for unattended distribution of your systems signals for as many charts as you like.
  • We can do almost anything you like in regards to customization - it just takes time and money.

Imagine resolving all the support issues of having your clients download and install a chat "client" application and attempting to maintain security for your chat service. Imagine, having them simply link to a "cross-platform solution" located on your web site and that been customized to meet your specific needs and controlling subscriber security easily. Now, imagine having JS Remote Charting customized to deploy the specific needs of your advisory service (in an automated mode for some systems) and visually showing your subscribers the information needed to effectively trade your system. JS Remote Charting is a complete solution for your advisory service - we just need to customize it to meet your needs.

Customizing JS Remote Charting

Because nearly each instance of JS Remote Charting requires some customization based on your needs, this process can be somewhat lengthy at times and requires development, debugging and testing before you can actively deploy your solution. We'll complete the work as fast as humanly possible, but you need to be aware that this process can take a couple of months to make it perfect.

You simply select which features are "required" and which features are "extras". The required features will be the first to be deployed so you can begin using JS Remote Charting for your advisory service. The extras will be developed after the initial deployment - as upgrades.

Customized development of JS Remote Charting MUST BE PREPAID. Our development team will professionally evaluate your requests and needs, then provide you with an estimate for the customization. This estimate will include both time and cost estimates as well as expected delivery dates for the projects. As with all development projects, they sometimes take longer than expected and "unknowns" or "revisions to completely automate your system" will require extra development time and costs.

Ordering JS Remote Charting

JS Remote Charting is provided as a "leased application" because of the enhanced features it provides and because of the ongoing support/upgrades that will be released as technology improves. The lease is normally based on an annual or quarterly basis. Leasing the basic JS Remote Charting application starts at $3500 per year (approx $292 per month) and does not include any customization. It also requires additional subscriptions for the data source and possibly for the required web server applications (that are not included in the lease cost).

The first step if to simply complete a request form to provide us with the basic needs of your advisory service and any customization that is required. Then our development team will contact you to discuss and investigate your requirements and produce the estimate